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BB841T-41    NT$2,380
BB841T-42    NT$2,380
BB841T-46    NT$2,380

BB841T-41-TBT    NT$3,980
BB841T-42-TBT    NT$3,980
BB841T-46-TBT    NT$3,980 

BB841T-41 NT$2,580
BB841T-42 NT$2,580
BB841T-46 NT$2,580

BB841TS-41-TBT NT$4,180
BB841TS-42-TBT NT$4,180
BB841TS-46-TBT NT$4,180

我們不想引戰,但我們必須承認傳統壓入式中軸存在一些問題。它們容易產生異音吱吱作響,並且必須使用麻煩的壓入工具進行安裝和拆卸。 TOKEN的NINJA底部支架解決了吱吱聲的問題,提高了軸承壽命並增加了底部支架的剛性。





We don’t want to start a fight but we think it’s fair to claim that there are some problems with press fit bottom brackets. They creak, don’t last all that long and are installed and removed with tools that cavemen would recognise. TOKEN’s NINJA bottom bracket solves the creaking issues, improves bearing life and adds stiffness to the bottom bracket.

We start with our Fusion technology; it is a combination of plastic and fibre that cover an alloy bottom bracket shell. The composite material allows it to be precisely machined and fit snugly in the frame so it doesn’t move in the frame and sound like grandma’s clicking and creaking arthritic knees. But plastic and fibre don’t do a good job of supporting bearings; poorly supported bearings can wear prematurely.

We house the bearings in an alloy shell and wrap it with plastic and fibre. This fusion of the three materials provides the bearings a solid platform to sit on and extends their lives. A lot of people would be satisfied with this, but we went even further by extending the alloy shell so the right and left sides lock together. This locks the frame, cranks and bottom bracket together and provides unparalleled stiffness.

The NINJA bottom bracket is can be purchased individually or in a package that includes adapters to fit several different frame and crankset combinations.

The NINJA bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets - it actually improves the life of the bottom bracket and makes your bike stiffer. There aren’t many times a replacement part actually improves your bike but put one on your bike and you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a NINJA sooner.

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